Burning Bridges
The Hack / Complete bike.

The Hack / Complete bike.

Tim & Jordan have been riding modified fixed gear bikes for longe enough to give away how old they really are. Tim still commutes to work on a fixed gear and Jordan is one of the worlds worst Hardcourt Bicycle Polo players. 

We wanted a city bike that felt comfortable for people who ride mountain bikes.

Riser bars, a saddle from Fabric and DeathGrips and V6 Pedals from DMR mean this will feel right at home straight away. 

The hack is designed as an urban bike and, honestly, a fashion acessory. Home to the pub and back kinda thing.

The trispoke front wheel makes it easy to lock up, and annoys die hard internet keyboard warriors.  

We ship with both brakes, a flip flop hub (so you can run fixed or singlespeed, it comes with both) 

Thickslicks roll super fast. 

Supplied with front and back brakes, freehub and fixed.