Who We Are

Meet The Team.

Jordan Chaos

In general, if its full suspension it's from Jordan, from repeatedly getting detention for drawing bikes in his schoolbooks, to 30 years of throwing himself downhill. Jordan has a lifelong obsession with rowdy bikes. When he's not working with the team to push the limits of geo, you'll find him daydreaming of the North Shore and collecting rare useless mountain bike parts from the 90s.

Tim Allen

Late in the game to mountain bikes, Tim started out racing BMX, riding street and later migrating to weaving his way through traffic on his road bike at blinding speeds. When he found out Freeride offered more of an opportunity to break bones, he was there, obsession with log drops and flannel shirts in full force. If the aesthetics are raw and clean, you'll be seeing Tim’s work. A volatile and violent rider who punishes bikes so you don’t have to worry.


Joe Zammit

From starting off with Sick as a contractor for a commissioned t-shirt. Zam has become the core of the lifestyle and identity of the brand. Breathing life in to the sometimes stagnant and race orientated mtb scene. After studying Art at uni he graduated and took on commissions for heaps of US Rock and Rap groups, he brings that influence to Sick. As a friend of the brand we sought his help to find us a creative director for the future, after he suggested everyone but himself, we knew he was the guy for the job.

Lee Crawford

Having a good idea and a concept is nothing without the right people to help you actually take them to production. Lee is the bridge between 'I wish we could' to 'Oh $h*t we are doing it'. He's still an engineer (lots of dark rooms with charts), but his wild ideas and out of the 'box so far you cant even see the box' thinking is helping us change the sport.