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Chainbreakers CC

Chainbreakers Cycling Club / CCC/ The Triple C




The simple answer is more and more people relate to our particular outlook on the riding scene.

A riding club is good; but we are feeling, since our reach is global, the opportunity to create something bigger is too good to miss.

We are a big extended family, we are loyal, we are respectful.

When you wear your CCC cut, you are part of something bigger.

Treat everyone as your brother and sister. From the moment they put on their cut, they ARE your brother or sister.




  • Riding and encouraging others to ride.

  • Passing on skills and knowledge.

  • Building and maintaining legal trails.

  • Organizing mates races.

  • Bike specific activism and political pressure**.

  • Clean trails policy.

  • Charitable Fundraising

  • Partying. Lots.


** Access to trails and roads, taxation of riders, right to roam etc.


Founded on the principals that everyone has a right to ride and a right to belong.


It is our duty to grow the riding population and increase the quality of riding available. From grass roots to the top of the sport, we will be the people who make things happen.


This is no place for political, religious, gender, race or sexual orientation discourse. Nor will it be used as a platform, ever, to promote, outside causes, or raise hate speech on any of the above qualities. The fraternity of cycling and our common loves are more important than anything that would divide us. Your opinions and thoughts are important. But keep them to yourself when you represent CCC.



Everyone is welcome should they adhere to this.

The Waterfall.


This group was instigated by us, but we do not manage it, we may influence it, we may exert control in extreme circumstances, but the chain does not pass up to us. As such all matters must be dealt with by Captains.






  • Territory President – Leader – Voted in once, till death or retirement.
  • Captain   - Local City Leader - Creates the Stoke.
  • VP   - Assists the Captain. Maintains order. Resolves conflict. Enables Stoke
  • Made   – The majority of riders - Regular folx.
  • Initiate – No backpatch. In between a rider and Made.


6th June – The Sick Six Sixth.

Founders Holiday.


Each year an event will be held on this day to celebrate the founding of Sick. Arranged by the captains.

Joining and Fees

To join, find and present yourself to the Captain. If they have space to take you on, then you will join as an initiate. No, you don't have to have a bike made by Sick. No Captain within 25 miles? Congratulatons,you just got promoted to captain! Choose your local City to represent.


There is one lifetime fee. The price of your patch set. No dues are set. All funding is made by the Captain and VP by donation or charity. We make a profit by selling some Chainbreakers CC Merch that will help us offset admin costs.


Captains must contact us to create their own Chainbreakers CC merch. In the spirit of open fraternity, logos and designs will be available, free of charge, in a multitude of formats.


Your Cut, Your Kutte, Ya Battle Jacket.


To be worn in times of needed visibility. At race events, at concerts, festivals and parties.

A Black denim full sleeve or cutoff jacket. Some people have modified hunting or army jackets. 

This must show, your Chainbreakers CC backpatch, you rank, your nickname, and your territory

If you are first aid qualified please add a green cross patch, if you are a professional or trained mechanic, you may carry the spanner patch.


You may add any other patches to your cut, we encourage you to personalise to your taste.


You may not wash your cut (you can swim in it or bath in it), you may not buy, sell or trade your cut.




The Vote


Should you need to decide on anything there is a vote, everyone gets one vote. Even initiates.

It's a draw? Start again.




As a family we work it out. The VP or Captain has final say.