After way to much fun at Malverns racing 4X and Dual slalom I was willing to admit that maybe 26” might not be totally dead.


But why bring out another DJFS?

Yeah pointless, but this is no ordinary bike.

Its not specifically for anything other than playtime. 


Double ISCG05 - You can run 1 or 2 bash guards or fit our trials style bashguard, turning this frame in to a grinding and jibbing machine! 

130mm travel - a bit longer than most DJ rigs 

3D printed suicide shifter & hollow headset cap (that means barspins) - you can fit a Trickstuff hydro giro if you want. 

Tuct geometry with light handling. 

Massive standover.

feels like a big BMX

Progressive suspension resists wallow and bottom out 

4130 steel throughout. Strong and reasonable weight. 

Comes with tuned DVO t3

its very pink

26” or 27.5” wheels - Shh 

Pop slicks on and you have a urban assault vehicle 

Fit a wide range cassette, longer forks and get out in to the wilderness. Make nature your playground.

 Please note, we can offer this incredible price due to the  preorder nature of this frame. Full global delivery will be circa 1st Feb 2019. By purchasing this you agree to honour this. You may not cancel your order unless delivered after 1st Feb 2019. If you are unsure. Do not buy. If you want a bargain, what are you waiting for?