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Interview : Director Tim Allen

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Introduce yourself
I'm Tim "Best hair in MTB" Allen, the other half of Sick Bicycles

If you could share a band or artist with anyone who would it be and what song would you start it off with and why?
Little Big - Give Me Your Money 
Because I am a cruel and unusual person, who would enjoy this either annoying someone to distraction, or get so stuck in their head they have to go through every Little Big video on YouTube. (Thats evil -ed)

What is the most important thing about sick to you? 
Our legitimacy. I never want to lose touch with everything around us, the sport and the people in it. Jordan and I are both riders, Lee rode for years and Zam skates. Too many brands try to say something about a sport or activity, when they are so far away from what it is really like, that it is embarrassing. I want us to always stay a rider brand for riders, by riders. 

What is your guiltiest pleasure?
I don't really have a guilty pleasure, as I don't have any sense of shame. If you like something, you like something right? 
Well, so long as it's legal. 
Also, sewing is pretty rad, right?

Name one thing you like, you think people would be surprised to know?
I haven't ridden once this year, and only a couple of times since we started Sick. It takes up a lot of time, and the team having bikes take priority. Dream jobs take a fair few sacrifices, but I wouldn't change anything. 

If you could give advice to someone starting up their own business what would it be?
Get out there and do it. If you don't, someone else will, so it may as well be you. If you fail, work out why and try again. Use those "failures" as learning points. Make sure it's passion driven and not just for the money. 

You get to trade your job at sick for any job, what would it be? You HAVE to trade it!
Racing in any high level Motorsport - WRC taking preference

What is your vision for the business?
To cement itself as one of the greats. 

What has been your highlight so far?
Honestly? Working with my mates. It sounds cheesy as hell, but doing something amazing with your best mates is mind blowing. 

Who is the nicest person you have met in the industry? 
Geoff Welch from DVO. The guy is a babe. 

What surprised you about the bike industry?
That almost no-one seems to know what they're doing as far as running a business. The majority are genuinely out there just wanting to make bikes. 
Also, how bloody friendly and helpful people are when you ask. 

Any last words? 

Thank you. Just thanks. This whole experience has been insane and long may it continue. 

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